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British and German scientist met for the second time during three days for a joint conference of both national Liquid Crystal Societies BLCS and DFKG, in which all aspects of the modern, interdisciplinary research area “Liquid Crystals” from the...

Nicolas Zigon is originally from France – he took a detour via Japan to Germany. At the University of Würzburg, the postdoc studies supramolecular systems at the Institute of Organic Chemistry.

"Chemistry: A Bridge between Molecular World and Real World" is the title of this year’s lecture on April 27. Prof. Nakamura, internationally renowned chemist from the University of Tokyo, is going to give his audience an overview of more than 35...

Frank Würthner received the Elhuyar-Goldschmidt-Award of the Real Sociedad Española de Química. Therefore, Würthner recently gave lectures at three Spanish research institutions.

On Monday, 5th of December, Dr. Florian Beuerle successfully finished his habilitation on "Design and Synthesis of Complex Molecular Architectures Based on Small Organic Molecules" and received the "facultas docendi".

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