Prof. Dr. M. Lehmann

Working Group of Prof. Dr. Matthias Lehmann: Research Interests

Our research aims the design of novel liquid crystalline (LC) materials consisting of compound with nonvonventional shapes such as stars, V-shaped or board-shaped molecules. The star topology is generated by symmetric attachment  of three to six arms to a core unit. We achieve the control of the self-assembly in LC materials by the variation of the core, the arm scaffold and the peripheral chains. Detailed understanding of the stacking procedures in the solid-state by nanosegregation and space-filling allows the incorporation and positioning of functional building blocks. This converts the compounds on complex functional LC materials, which can be applied in organic electronics. Board- and V-shaped mesogens are investigated with respect to the formation of the highly elusive biaxial nematic mesophase. Biaxial nematogens are proposed as new materials for the future fast-switching LC-displays.

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Professur für Organische Materialien am Institut für Organische Chemie
Am Hubland
97074 Würzburg

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