Prof. Dr. Ann-Christin Pöppler

    Undergraduate Students

    Jonathan Vey

    Project: solid-state NMR for the analysis of host-guest systems.

    voluntary lab student - 4 weeks

    Master Students

    Sebastian Endres

    Master Thesis: NMR spectrocopic investigation of covalently and physically cross-linked polymer gels.


    Doctoral Students

    Marvin Grüne


    Former Students

    Erik Endres (8 week master project student)

    Max Mayländer (bachelor's thesis: "7up - Good mood in the NMR, Diffusion of Therapeutic Lithium Salts and Co-crystals")

    Sebastian Scheidel (bachelor's thesis: "NMR Crystallography of Paclitaxel and Specific Polymer-Drug Formulations")

    Melanie "Melly" Thaler (8 week master project student)

    Jonathan Vey (3 week undergraduate project student)



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