Würthner Group: Organic Materials and Nanosystems Chemistry

Spectroscopy, Electrochemistry and Photocatalysis

Spectroscopy_Perkin_Elmer Lambda 35
Perkin-Elmer Lambda 40 P
Perkin-Elmer Lambda 950
Jasco V-670 including NCP-706
Ocean Optics Maya200Pro
UV/Vis Spectroscopy

Responsible group member: Eva Kirchner, Dr. Matthias Stolte

Perkin-Elmer Lambda 35 including peltier system PTP 1+1 (left)

Perkin-Elmer Lambda 40 P including peltier system PTP 1+1 (middle)

Perkin-Elmer Lambda 950 including integration sphere setup for solid state and thin-film measurements (right)



Jasco V-670 including NCP-706 thermostatted 6-position automatic cell changer (left)

Ocean Optics Maya200Pro diode array spectrometer with reflection probe and Gestigkeit PZ28-2 precision heating stage (right)

PTI QM4-2003 fluorescence spectrometer
Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Responsible group members: Valentin Kunz, Dr. Vladimir Stepanenko

PTI QM4-2003 fluorescence spectrometer, R928 photomultiplier, GL-3300 nitrogen laser, GL302 dye laser

Hamamatsu A10094
Solid State Flourescence Spectroscopy

Responsible group members: Dr. Vladimir Stepanenko, Dr. Matthias Stolte

Hamamatsu A10094, C8849, C10027-01,E7536

Jasco J-810
Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy (CD)

Responsible group members: N. N.

Jasco J-810

Self-constructed spectrometer
Electro-optical absorbance spectroscopy (EOA)

Responsible group member: Dr. Matthias Stolte

Self-constructed spectrometer (TU Kaiserslautern)

Cyclic Voltammetry
Bas Cellstand C3
ransMIT Microcell HC
Cyclic Voltammetry (CV)

Responsible group members: Sabine Seifert

Cyclic Voltammetry (CV) (left)

Bas Cellstand C3, Bas Epsilon (middle)

TransMIT Microcell HC, rhd instruments (right)


Responsible group members: Marcus Schulze, Valentin Kunz


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