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Scientists from Würzburg have synthesized a complex sugar molecule which specifically binds to the tumor protein Galectin-1. This could help to recognize tumors at an early stage and to combat them in a targeted manner.



A newly discovered protein from a fungus is able to suppress the innate immune system of plants. This has been reported by research teams from Cologne and Würzburg in the journal "Nature Communications".


Scientists from the University of Würzburg have managed to take a unique look at the membranes of human cells using a new technique. This technique that they have devised makes individual saccharified proteins and lipids visible at the molecular level.


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Recent publications

T. Walter, J. Schlegel, A. Burgert, A. Kurz, J. Seibel, M. Sauer Incorporation studies of clickable ceramides in Jurkat cell plasma membranes. Chem Commun  2017, 53, 6836-6839


N. Bertleff-Zieschang, J. Bechold, C. Grimm, M. Reutlinger, P. Schneider, G. Schneider, J. Seibel Exploring the Structural Space of the Galectin-1-Ligand Interaction.Chembiochem 2017, 18, 1477-1481.



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