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Research at the laboratory

Photoreactor, AK Lambert & AK Würthner

Small 2008, 4, No. 12, 2158–2161

News and dates

14.12.15 PhD Defence

On December 11, 2015 Stefanie Rehm successfully defended her PhD thesis on "Spermine-functionalized Perylene Bisimide Dyes: Synthesis and Self-assembly in Water". We congratulate Stefanie and wish her all the best for her future career at...

14.12.15 PhD Defence

On December 11, 2015 Daniel Görl successfully defended his PhD thesis on "Hydrophobe Effekte Bolaamphiphiler Rylenbisimide". We congratulate Daniel and wish him all the best for his future career at Ècole Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne...

Für die im Vorjahr an der Universität zu Köln ins Leben gerufene Namens-Vorlesung wurde in diesem Jahr Frank Würthner eingeladen, nach Nobelpreisträger Jean-Marie Lehn im Jahre 2014.

Congratulations to Gustavo Fernández. After five very successful years as a junior research group leader at the University of Würzburg he accepted a call from the University of Münster as professor (W2) of organic chemistry.

23.10.15 PhD Defence

On October 21, 2015 Benjamin Fimmel successfully defended his PhD thesis on "Perylene Bisimide Foldamer: Synthesis and In-Depth Studies of the Ground- and Excited States Properties". We congratulate Benjamin and wish him all the best for...

At the “Kármán Conference“ with the topic “From Molecular Materials to Complex Adaptive Molecular Systems“ in Vaals (Netherlands), Stefanie Herbst, doctoral candidate at the Würthner group, was awarded with one of two prizes for an outstanding...